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Divine Duality

The immersion of the sacred opposites

25th August 2024 @ 1000 - 1700

Kin Kin

A sacred one day immersion...
Embracing the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine

Join us for a soulful immersion navigating the sacred law of the opposites, the divine Feminine and Masculine energies.

You will understand the importance of these divine energies within you and the role they play in every field in your life.

These forces are beyond gender and when we harness them in us, we will begin to live a more fulfilled life.

In this immersion you will be able to delve deep into the sacred dualities that integral to you.

In your body,

In your field,

& in your relationships.

Through the medicine of the elements, sacred geometry, and our magical bodies, we will be able to understand and integrate these concepts deeply, how to balance them, embrace them, and incorporate them in our daily lives.



You feel there is more out there in life.

You have a burning desire to embody the manifestation code within you.

You want to enhance more your relationship with your partner and the opposite gender

You want to understand how these divine opposite energy move within you to have a more fulfilled life

You don’t feel connected to either of the two divine energies.

You feel disconnected or reject some stereotypes associated with the feminine and masculine energies and you want to have a space of connection different from what you have experienced in the past.

You are ready to unlock the power of the sacred feminine and masculine that will unleash the creative code of manifestation  within you.

You want to connect more with your emotional, creative, and intuitive world through rituals and practices of internal reconnection.

This is a very intimate gathering, so spaces are limited.

(Location will be provided upon booking)

Vegan Heaven


  • Natural Earth Rituals
  • Sound Journey
  • Body Awakening Exercises.
  • Alchemic Movement and Breath Work
  • Alchemic Meditation
  • Fire and Water Ceremony
  • Healing Circle
  • Morning Tea
  • Nourishing snacks,
  • Anti-inflammatory Lunch

Super Early Bird until 1st of August 2024

Bring your better half or friend and get a further special offer


Your Guide, "Pepem" Patricia Lizama

Pepem is an Ancestral Meditation Healing facilitator, a Holistic Health Practitioner, Traditional Mexicayotl Medicine practitioner and Sound Frequency Awakener. Her passion is to offer opportunities where everybody, regardless of their experience or background, can connect into the sacred space of the heart to listen the call of the Great Mother and awaken their inner healer. 

Pepem channels the whispers from the Great Mother Earth and the grandmothers, guardians of the earth codes, curating ancient wisdom into powerful traditional ceremonies and deep immersions in sacred lands using ritual techniques in an innovative way. She holds a space for people as they heal their deepest traumas by finding their voice and reconnection with the great mother earth. Through her own life experiences, Pepem embodies the Mayan practices and deep healing techniques through surrender and heart-coherence.

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