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One on One Session

In a private setting, with the assistance of the sacred elements we create a private space to give form to the invisible that is not allowing you to move forward with the full expression and expansion of your soul. 
This space allows you to release all that no longer serves you, anything that is not allowing you to step into your divine self so you can finally embody your message and shine your true light on this world. 

My offering is to hold a nurturing space for you to participate in earth rituals that will seal your intention for personal growth. You will recover your connection with the sacred elements and the creative forces that dance through you.

Intentions move mountains, so as we tap into our highest self these tailored sessions of transformational rituals through surrender and heart-coherence, sound frequencies,  plant medicines*, aligned with the Mexicayotl tradition will help you navigate through the challenging situations of your souls journey.

*A personalized plant medicine blend is included in this session.

You are welcome to contact us with any questions you have about this session, or If you are ready you can book a session today.

Feet Nurture

Private Ceremony: Bring ceremony and communion to your soul connections

This is a tailored space created according to the intention you want to bring into your soul connections. 

Ideal for couples, mothers with daughters & sons, sisters, or soul friendships who want to bring sacredness and strengthen their relationship.

We create together a nurturing space to heal and open the heart through heart-brain coherence techniques,

Plant-based infusions and ancestral rituals to release all that is not serving the bond connection.

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