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Conscious Gatherings

A journey back to oneness.

Ceremonies and immersive workshops designed to fill all our senses with medicinal plants and ancestral rituals from the Earth.

In these conscious gatherings, we will progressively bring back our own hearts’ vibration that as a group will synchronise the sound of others into a universal and coherent sound.

This is a safe space to unravel and remember the parts of yourself you may have forgotten so you can step into your true inner power.

Chakra Alignment Tea Ceremony

Enjoy a intimate ceremony that will leave your major energy centres aligned and vibrating

What others have experienced

 “This was my first experience and I can’t express my gratitude enough. What a beautiful moment shared. I’ve never felt so much peace after leaving this beautiful gathering. I wish I could bottle that feeling”

Alison Tucker

“This session was amazing beyond words. It transformed my voice and also the way, how I share my message with the world now. 

In your beautiful space I felt safe to let go of everything that is not serving me  anymore. Also, the ancient rituals were so powerful and opened up a new space for me. You are a gift to this world – thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.  Much Love”      

Kerstin Reithmayr, Business Mentor, Human Design

“The ceremony was the most amazing event I have ever attended. The energy and love that swirled amongst us all was beautiful to feel. We were in tune with the elements and the moon. I am truly grateful for you and your ability to bring forth such an inspiring connection to us all and Mother Earth.”

Grace Dixon