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Lets embrace the force of gratitude

Be thankful for the flame that provides its light, but don’t forget the foot of the lamp who, constant and patient, holds her in the shadows”
Rabindranath Tagore

Inspired by the time when there is a collective intention to embrace gratitude, I would like to share more in-depth about this virtue that can create a massive impact in our day-to-day lives,.

Gratitude has been the way of living from ancient civilizations and our ancestors, who understood that it is more than a virtue, more than an emotion, that it is the frequency of profound love and connections with all that surrounds us.

For the great Toltecs, gratitude is a way of living from the fire of the heart.

In Nahuatl, gratitude is “Tlazocamati” a beautiful word that sounds like a profound mantra in a ritual, while pronounced, is a word used to thank sincerely. This lovely word is formed from several words: tlazoca = love; tletl = fire; ca = be or not to be. Thus, this word describes the state of consciousness of being in the love of fire and awareness of recognizing the fire in you.

In our Modern times, psychologists have categorise three types of gratitude:

  • Gratitude as an “affective trait” (one’s overall tendency to have a grateful disposition)
  • A mood (daily fluctuations in general gratitude)
  • An emotion (a more temporary feeling of gratitude that one may feel after receiving a gift or a favor from someone).

Today science research suggests that gratitude is not simply a cultural construct. It has deep roots that are embedded in our evolutionary history, our DNA, brains, and during child development.

In 1994 Heart Math Institute proved the heart’s intelligence has over 40,000 sensorial (brain-like) neurons (neurites) that when proven with gratitude amplify heart energy and liftone of the quickest ways to offset stress and lift our mood.

With the overwhelming stress so many people are experiencing today, gratitude and appreciation count more than ever. The greater our capacity for genuine gratitude and appreciation, the deeper the connection to our heart, where intuitive guidance, inspiration, and new possibilities emerge.

Dr Joe Dispenza will say gratitude is the signature of receivership.

“Gratitude seals the intention, as when we live in the state of gratitude, we surrender lack and embrace fullness, creating a wave of attraction.”

Practicing GRATITUDE daily allows us to discover a new and full life inside and outside of us.

GRATITUDE is the force that allows us to make peace with our past, enjoy the present, and feel confident about the future.

GRATITUDE allows us to reconnect with our source of spiritual power to recognize our Origin and Destiny.

GRATITUDE opens the heart to perceive life and the blessing of many other divine living beings, such as plants, animals, seas, the sky, the sun, and the stars. Our great ancestors left this blueprint for us to embrace this great force that reconnects us with forces of creation and reminds us how privileged, sustained, and loved we are. Knowing this, therefore, is the force that allows us to go through any difficult moment in the journey.

A force will allow you to embrace knowing that we are all so connected, in the Origin, the Essence, and the Destiny.


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