Moving Beyond the Dream

Today lets dive into the world of the dreams from the Cosmovision of the sacred Ancient Mesoamericans.

When we are in the state of the dreams we access the important state of body-spirit separation.

It is while we are dreaming that our spirit travels through the world of dreams. It does everything that is impossible in the body. They considered the purpose of dreams is to “live a full life” and “stay alive” as it is a way of being able to “see through the soul” everything that cannot be understood with the body and mind.

The world of dreams allows us to connect and communicate in other ways.

In the Toltec tradition, the dream was believed to create more energy than in the waking stage, and dreaming was the state to change and transmute reality.

It is in this state where the information from different timelines, different existence and all our ancestral linage deliver information for us to fulfil our purpose in this hologram, to stop seeing the illusion of an unconscious dream and repeating patterns that don’t serve our soul.

The Toltecs have 9 steps of dreaming that they call the pyramid of dreams. It allow us to get to the ninth level, the state of the Great Nahuatl.

The black eagle represents the place of the master plan, where we can see beyond the veil and obtain access to all the codes from all our existence to fulfil our purpose. Here light emerges from darkness and there is a powerful clarity. And the only way to access to that level is by truly living in the space of the heart YOLLOTL.

The Pyramid of the dreams in the toltec tradition

Now let us dive into the master regulator of out consciousness the pineal gland. It is located in the middle of the limbic brain. For the ancient Mesoamericans and other ancient civilisations the Pineal Gland is the contact point for receiving high frequencies of information. The limbic brain is considered the “Seat of the Consciousness” the center where we regulate our emotions and feelings with our autonomic nervous system. It is the radio receiver where we receive information though emotions, feelings and beyond.

The Pineal Gland, also known as the “Third Eye”, is a tiny gland in the shape of a pine cone and bathed in cerebrospinal fluid CSF. It has more blood flow per cubic volume than any other organ. It’s the gland with the highest concentration of energy in the body also the dominant source of melatonin/ceratonin in the body.

When activated, it pulsates electromagnetic fields GAMMA. Is the radio antena that picks up information and frequencies faster than the speed of light. Capable of produce DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) and Pinoline.

DMT The spirit molecule, experienced during extraordinary moments, deep meditation, lucid dreaming, birth, death, sexual ecstasy or near death experiences. Since ancient times is known to be a direct link to ignite transcendent consciousness GAMMA.

PINOLINE Assist visions and dream states in the conscious mind, used by the ancient Egyptians ad Zoroastrians in the rituals.

How can we assist ourselves to activate this sacred space?

  • Meditation first thing in the morning when levels of melatonin are still high in the body, the ideal time melatonin is the highest is between 2-4am (the twilight zone).
  • Always keep aligning and working our Teyolia, the sacred space of the heart, as is only though this centre we can open the direct path to our radio receiver.
  • Writing every day as soon as you wake up, the first word that comes to your mind.

If you remember a full dream, a word that is highlighted in the story or represents it. Remember this is without thinking, so its the first word that comes when you are remembering the dream.

I highly recommend this practice to those coming to the next ceremony.

Being the observer, not trying to interpret, just writing down the word, to quieten the presence of the ego.

  • Sun gazing is a powerful way to stimulate the pineal gland, this has to be the first hour of sunrise or the last hour of sun set, staring for 10 second burst and keep building up as your practice.

Here is a list of powerful herbs that will allow you ignite the activation of your pineal gland.

Blue Lotus The flower and used by ancient civilisations to experience spiritual awakenings. Contains the psychoactive component Atropine which makes it a strong hallucinogen.

Strengthen the limbic brain relaxes the nervous system due ti its contains of Nuciferine yet allows the user to feel open and alert. Stimulates the Pituitary and Pineal gland.

Influence Neurons to increase the amount of dopamine receptors.

Cacao By triggering high levels of nitric oxide, raw cacao increases the size of blood vessels. Larger blood vessels mean more blood flow and oxygen make its way to the pineal gland. supports healthier functioning and detox. Raw cacao is also loaded with antioxidants as well as anandamide.

Passionflower Strong relaxing effects, antidepressant. A powerful dreamtime ally that allows to open the energy centres and and to atone the mind to higher frequencies.

Nutmeg Ignites dreaming REM and dream recollections. Traditionally used to induce sleep and dream recollections.

Reishi Stimulate nerve growth promoting communication among the neurones in the brain.

creating a relaxed but focused mental state.

Bobinsana Dissolves the feeling of time, making the dreams so vivid. Allows the user to stop the difference between a waking state from a dream space. Intensify the visionary experience of dreams.

Mugwort Contains Thujone a powerful inducer of visionary dreams and increases euphoria.

The best recommended blend to open the channel to your radio receiver are: The mighty blue lotus latte the sit of the consciousness Tonalli

The Cacao heart elixir blend Teyolia.

Also the powerful blend extract the nervine tonic extract Tonalli and the whole blue lotus flower .

Much love to you in this strong ride on this healing wave of evolution.

Paty “Pepem”

Paty Drumming on Log Side on

Paty Walliz

Surfing Butterfly

Paty Walliz, or "Pepem," her Mayan name meaning butterfly, is an Earth Citizen and spiritual seeker whose journey from the Yucatan Peninsula to Australia has been fueled by a deep commitment to understanding the sacred connections of life. Through Surfing Butterfly, she shares her passion for ancestral wisdom, holistic health, and the healing power of nature, aiming to guide others toward a harmonious, heart-centered existence.

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