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OUR CENTRAL CANAL: The space where the energy flows and radiates to each molecule that forms our entire being.

Our central canal is the space where the energy flows and radiates to each molecule that forms our entire being.

Understanding our physicality is the only way we can unlock our full potential and bring light into this dimension of creativity.

Your central canal starts in your perineum (the space between the anus and scrotum for males or between the anus and the vulva for females.)

Then extends into the anal canal located within the anal triangle of the perineum and also the vaginal canal for females.

A genital hole of emptiness runs through the body, being tense and contracted when blocked and stagnated, blocking the energy flow.

This entrance of the central canal tends to hold memories and information we couldn’t process and stay there with time, materializing into fecal matter, which can produce toxicity.

Since we were within the wombs of our mothers, like sponges, we were absorbing all the information received through her and all those around her.

This stagnation of unprocessed information is even more profound for females, as the womb is the only hollow organ in our biology, whose natural force is to be filled. Therefore, all that stagnation stays there, causing severe blockages throughout life.

The entrance of our central canal, which is crucial for our development and expansion into this realm, is the reservoir of our kundalini energy, our vital energy that nourishes all our systems and what determines our identity and how we step into the space on earth, in this life experience.

In our energy centres this is the part called Root centre or Kolotl in Nahuatl.

Our central canal unifies the duality that conforms to our natural form.

The left side of our central canal starts from your root up to the left side of your brain.

The left side of your central canal is where our memories, habits, and conditioning reside.

In its pure state, the left energy channel provides us with emotional balance and helps us express deep joy, pure love, and compassion.

The right side of your central canal, from your root centre up to the right side of your brain, is the channel of activity (mental and physical) and how you perceive the future. When you put your desires into action, your attention moves to the right channel.

In its pure state, the energy of the right channel generates dynamism and helps us act effectively with a calm and joyful mind.

We will dive into this on our Tea Ceremony of the Energy centers, where you will have techniques to balance your central canal, and through the soulful blends, you will be able to support all your body’s systems.

Love and Light

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