Piercing Through the Veil

In this time, as we pierce through the thick veil of density due to the massive shift and shedding we collectively are experiencing is the perfect time to honour our ancestors and ask for guidance.

Is during this energetic season in which many ancient cultures believed the veil will get so thin that will allow the spirits to visit the living.

Let’s get into the energy of the density is surrounding our field.

Remember, to be able to shift we need to tap into the depth of our soul. This may stir up accumulated unhealed dense energy. The key is to let it flow through you rather than resist it.

Mourning is the energy that follows death, this painful energy, not only for the loved ones that have departed but also the death of old patterns and paradigms that are holding us back from stepping into our highest selves. This is when we need to tune into the guidance of our ancestors.

It is fascinating how many ancient cultures shared a similar cosmovision about death and have always celebrated it, as they considered not the end but rather a beginning. Letting go was just part of their daily lives and even with many special rituals allowed them to fully surrender while celebrating the transformation aspects of death.

For the ancient Egyptians, these celebrations were called the Wag Festival. A festival dedicated to the death of Osiris, the Egyptian god of Wine, Death, and the Underworld by honoring the souls of the deceased on their journey to the afterlife.

For the Druids, this season is called Samhain that marked the Celtic New Year, the end of summer, and the end of the harvest season. It also signaled the beginning of winter, which they associated with death.

The great Aztecs used to preserve the skulls of the deceased and use them for rituals in which death was honored and rebirth was celebrated. As they believed that life continued even in the afterlife, therefore they celebrated death rather than lamenting the lives of the deceased.

For the Mayans this season was called Hannal Pixan which means in Mayan “Food of the Soul” Hannal means food, Pixan means Soul that gives life to the body.

It is the tradition of the Mayan people to remember and make homage to the friends and relatives who have gone ahead on the eternal journey.

It is a special event for the relatives of the deceased since they know that, on these days, from October 31st to November 2nd, souls “receive permission” to visit their relatives.

So my dear friend, make the most of this season by connecting and honouring your ancestors as you ask for guidance in this journey you signed up for.

Honour them and celebrate their presences as you celebrate the death of your old self.

7 rituals to connect with your ancestors

,Flowers and herbs for spiritual connection

The best recommended blends for spiritual awakening that will assist you in connecting with your ancestors are

The crown chakra blendand the Tonalli blue lotus blend.

Also you can enhance your experience with the high frequency Blue Lotus & Rosehip Oil.

Much love to you in this strong ride on this healing wave of evolution.


Paty Drumming on Log Side on

Paty Walliz

Surfing Butterfly

Paty Walliz, or "Pepem," her Mayan name meaning butterfly, is an Earth Citizen and spiritual seeker whose journey from the Yucatan Peninsula to Australia has been fueled by a deep commitment to understanding the sacred connections of life. Through Surfing Butterfly, she shares her passion for ancestral wisdom, holistic health, and the healing power of nature, aiming to guide others toward a harmonious, heart-centered existence.

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