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La Ceremonia Kit: with Travel Mug, Choice of Master Healer Blend and Aromatherapy oil blend, plus Chakra Sage Smudge stick

$ 105.00

Tax included.

Our soulful ritual kit includes:

  • Your choice of Master adaptogen blend: Sunshine Maca and Turmeric blend (Ihiyotl), Cacao Blend (Teyolia), or Blue Lotus blend (Tonalli)
  • Soulful Skin/Aromatherapy oil options: Jasmine and Schizandra, Damask Rose, or Blue Lotus (30ml)
  • Chakra balance smudge kit
  • Sustainable bamboo on-the-go mug

More Details

A soulful ritualistic kit that will allow you to connect and to be present in your day-to-day wherever you go from your heart with yourself and your ancestors.


In this kit, you will receive a Master adaptogen blend, your preferred aromatherapy skin oil, a sustainable bamboo cup, and your chakra smudge bundle. you can Choose your preferred Master Blend:

Ihiyotl the sunshine Maca and turmeric blend

Teyolia Cacao Blend or,

Tonalli the Blue Lotus blend


Choose your preferred Souldful Skin/Aromatherapy oil in small size 30ml

Jasmine and Schizandra

Damask Rose

Blue Lotus


You will receive your chakra balance smudge kit and a sustainable bamboo on the go mug.





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