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7 Chakra Tea kit with 7 Affirmation Cards

$ 35.00

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7 Chakra Tea kit with pouch of each Chakra including all 7 Affirmation Cards

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This is a great option if you don’t know where to start.

This Tea Healing Game allows you to taste and feel each of the Chakra teas while tuning into the blessings of each centre with the affirmation cards.

You can randomly choose a card and sip on the respective tea for each day of the week, allowing your intuition to flow and have fun and find synchronicity every day.  I suggest you to start with your healing with the first chakra 1 and follow through sequentially until you identify which one you need to work with.  Once you know which Chakra seems to be blocked then you can buy the canisters for all of them and work through unblocking those specific blockages.

Each pack contains: 7 x 5 serves bags of each chakra tea blends plus all the 7 luxury affirmation cards.


*All Surfing Butterfly signature healing products come with a digital healing guide.

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