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The Layers of the Self

As we experience as a collective a fog of confusion, which is only the sign that marks the start of the new and the death of the old. It is here we need to trust and be intentional with our vibration, to feel oneness with each step we take so we can transcend through this cosmic movement.

This is the intensive work we will tune in during this coming Ceremony of Surrender “Iztac Ihuicatl”the “white sky” or “seventh heaven”, which according to the Toltec tradition is exactly halfway between the highest shift “black eagle” and our reality.

This is the phase where we start understanding that all, ALL is part of unity!

The old, the new, the dark, the light, fear, love, death, and birth all are ONE, and now is the time of WE rather than I, collective rather than individualism.

We all are contributing to this massive shift as we open our hearts and we navigate through the layers of the self.

The Ancient Toltecs and Mayans classified the spirit world that they visited during trance into three main categories: The upper world, the middle world, and the underworld.

The Underworld IHIYOTL: Corresponds to the place of primal experience, the shadow self, where our instinct, fears, and intuition lives.

This energy body level holds our vital force, our physicality.

The Middle world TEYOLIA: The Heart space the bridge, the moderator between the 2 worlds, enabling us to make choices in the field of potentials.

The Upper world TONNALI: The superego or subconsciousness, the realm of total information, the space of the sacred connection to source.

They understood the brain waves cycles to travel between the spirit worlds, assisting their journey with plant medicines and sacred rituals.

One of the most important legacies they and other ancient civilizations left behind for us is the habit of observing the sky in detail and the rituals around the celestial movements.
The sacred activities like rituals to the Sun AHAU KIN, as a constant repairer of chaos, the Sun is due to movement.
In the Nahuatl cosmovision, humans are responsible for keeping the sun in constant flow by their offerings, dances, and rituals.
It is through the movement with the sun, where human souls could transcend from the limited human perception through the cosmic movement of the 13 heavens. The energetic universe is where dreams take place, above the heavens where humans within their physical form can meet the forces of creation, the sacred geometry of light, and bring oneness in each instance within their existence.

More multidimensional thinking rather than linear.
A holistic approach that aligns with this cosmovision is to navigate the layers of the self through the 5 different bodies, and how our reality is deeply connected with each one of these bodies.

Physical: Your body and your environment. The systems of your anatomy and physiology. This layer also includes the world you experience through your five senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell.
Vital: Your energy, the invisible life force that animates you at all levels.
​Mental: Your thoughts, and emotions. This is how you think, what you think about, and how you experience and express your emotions.
Supramental: Your ability to see and witness each layer without judgment. The Witness is a trusted companion on the path to self-awareness, understanding, and healing.
​Bliss: Your connection to something larger than yourself. The ultimate self-awareness and is often described as the experience of connectedness with all that is or your understanding of the divine.
To allow you to navigate through these layers practice silence, be patient with yourself, embrace your community, and more than ever connect with the earth and practice heart-brain coherence.

Here are some plats will assist you to enter in balance and harmony within all your bodies

The best recommended blends to align your different bodies are

The newest blend Ihiyotl the sunshine latte,Teyolia the sacred heart blendand the Tonalli blue lotus blend.

Also you can enhance your experience with the high frequency Blue Lotus & Rosehip Oil.

Much love to you in this strong ride on this healing wave of evolution.


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