The Pillar Between Heaven And Earth

“Your spine is the highway to the infinite, your own body is the temple of God.It is within your own self that God must be realized”

Today I would love to share powerful information in regards to our spine and the sacrum bone and the important role of this amazing part of our body in our own evolution.

At a spiritual level, the spine is the source of all our energy. Ancient medicine was aware of the energy that circulates through our spine.

It is not a coincidence that the spine is the conduit of the major energy channels, meridians, and chakras in our body.

Most of the rituals and breathing practices in ancient tradition aimed to activate this energy flow through the spine. They explored different types of energy through diverse breathing practices, meditation, mantras, songs, and trance rituals.

Each part of the spine has different qualities according to some research from diverse scholars:

  • The Cervical spine holds the mental and creative energy
  • The Thoracic spine holds the precious essential energy
  • The Lumbar and the sacral spine holds the ancestral energy
  • The Coccyx holds the auricular (sound) energy.

Inside the spine is the spinal cord, a hollow tube where energy and sound travel.

This flow of energy is opened in humans upon the first breath which comes as the first song the cry.

Our sound resonates throughout our body through the spine. When we sing we sing from our bones. Bones are pores, capable of nourishing themselves through rhythm. This is why our healing voice is so important, as these frequencies travel from our spine and vibrate our body with the capacity to restore any resonance that is unbalanced in the physical body.

Now, let’s focus on the lower back, the lumbar spine, and the sacrum. This is the home of emotions. The place to start when digging deep into the root of our energy blockages.

When we experiment pain In the lumbar area this is blocked energy that is related to genealogy.

Each vertebra of the lumbar spine has a different focus. Each line of descent traced continuously from an ancestor.

The sacrum, that triangular bone that sits at the base of your spine, represents your roots and where you are on the planet, how are you living your time on Earth.

The pelvis has to do with drive and power and the ability to move towards choices and directions.

People who are not grounded, not rooted energetically or spiritually, typically have pain in the sacrum or pelvis.

The sacrum bone is, among other things, is the fulcrum of support for the human torso, and

as such is well designed to take great physical stress.

The sacrum is attached to the coccyx, also known as the tailbone, and is the pivot, support, and focal centre of the human body.

For the Ancient Mesoamericans, the sacral bone was the doorway to the other worlds

The name “sacrum,” comes directly from Latin os sacrum, meaning ‘sacred bone’

Some Mesoamerican indigenous dialects also named this bone with words referring to sacredness and deity, the house of the spiritual essence traditionally thought to be simultaneously located in an Otherworld. In Mayan the word for sacrum s-bah h-wawtik (literally meaning “sacred image, sacred self”)

For the Ancient Mayans, the human body has two “skulls” (Bakeltik). One at the top of the spine

(bakel hol) and one at the bottom (bakel kub). These skulls are connected by a “serpent” (chan) which represents the spinal cord, our vertebral column.

The two skulls are sacred and ritually important because they are seen to contain the essence of a person.

The most sacred points of the body are the mouth or the top of the head (at the fontanel) and the base of the spine, as it is through these paths where the soul enters and leaves the body.

Sacredness of this bone is also related to a belief found in other ancient traditions as the “resurrection bone” from which residual raw material remaining after death a person

will be reborn, presumably by attracting the spirit residing within.

Powerful Master Herbal Healers For The Energy Flow

The best ceremonial tea blends that will assist you in this journey are:

IHIYOTL, The Vital Force and Root Chakra Tea

Much love to you in this strong ride on this healing wave of evolution.


Paty Drumming on Log Side on

Paty Walliz

Surfing Butterfly

Paty Walliz, or "Pepem," her Mayan name meaning butterfly, is an Earth Citizen and spiritual seeker whose journey from the Yucatan Peninsula to Australia has been fueled by a deep commitment to understanding the sacred connections of life. Through Surfing Butterfly, she shares her passion for ancestral wisdom, holistic health, and the healing power of nature, aiming to guide others toward a harmonious, heart-centered existence.

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