The Power Of The Breath

“There is one way of breathing that is shameful and constricted. Then, there’s another way: a breath of love that takes you all the way to infinity.” Rumi

As we navigate the frequency of grief, our lungs being the host of this emotion is the organ that feels this constraint making us feel out of breath.

Breathing is our main source of universal energy, without breath, there is no human life. Breathing also regulates all our emotions and can also transform them.
Human beings breath about 12,000 litres of air every day.

As many ancient disciplines have stated, breathing is the door to dive deeply into oneself. To connect to source and amplify our own perceptions of reality and existence, even more so during the most painful experiences in our lives.

Breathing is the doorway to self regulate and internally navigate these tumultuous experiences.

Although breathing is an essential act of life, we breathe using only 10% of our capacity. Our breath and our voice are directly connected with the sacral energy centre. Being aware of the blockages we experiment in that space allows us to understand why it is so hard to breathe deeply and reignite the healing of the voice.

Tapping into the sacral centre will allow us to breath deep and fully and bring out our healing voices.

We all have many voices, tonalities and vibrations within ourselves. Voice and breath go hand in hand.

When we feel hurt it is common to feel that we cannot breathe, we clench our teeth and seek silence.

Singing when there is pain is an ode to life, it is a brave act to breathe again and to summon the melody of life.

When you find that your jaw and mouth are locked, you will also find tightness in your groin and pelvic floor. This show the relationship between the Throat and lower energy centres.

The lungs and kidneys work together to help our ability to breathe and circulate energy within our bodies. The tissues of the kidney and the inner ear are similar and share a common metabolic function, problems that affect kidney function can also damage the inner ear. This will affect our hearing, our breathing and our voice.

Our ability to hear implies adequate nutrition of the renal system. Deficiencies in the renal aspect of this function can lead to problems such as shortness of breath, asthma, and/or fatigue. This shows the connections of the organs reign by the sacral centre and the organs reign by the throat.

A blockage on our throat is a direct reflect of a deep blockage on our sacral. Being conscious and practice breathing techniques, rituals and plant medicines can help us to ignite a deep healing in this important line of energy that brings out our healing voice.

This is what happens when you take time to focus on your breathing regardless the experience you are living

The best ceremonial tea blends that will assist you in this journey are:

The Throat Chakra Healing Blend

Much love to you in this strong ride on this healing wave of evolution.


Paty Drumming on Log Side on

Paty Walliz

Surfing Butterfly

Paty Walliz, or "Pepem," her Mayan name meaning butterfly, is an Earth Citizen and spiritual seeker whose journey from the Yucatan Peninsula to Australia has been fueled by a deep commitment to understanding the sacred connections of life. Through Surfing Butterfly, she shares her passion for ancestral wisdom, holistic health, and the healing power of nature, aiming to guide others toward a harmonious, heart-centered existence.

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